Life on Fire’s Untapped Email Marketing Goldmine

Life on Fire is a business coaching company that helps other entrepreneurs with their marketing, mindset, and purpose. The company is owned by kick ass business coach Nick Unsworth. I am one of his clients (and copywriting coaches) and I have to say Nick has a true gift in helping people breakthrough and find their purpose in business and in life.

Nick and his team are creating a lot of high value content through videos, podcasts, and webinars.

Nick’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others make quantum leaps in their business really shines when you see him on video or in person.

That is why it’s so awesome that I see massive potential for them to land more clients and make a larger impact with their email list. When they crush it in this one area, they will help even more entrepreneurs make massive transformations in their life and business.

The strategy is simple: 

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4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Copy


I have been put through the “copywriting gauntlet”, working closely with some of the most experienced and successful internet entrepreneurs in the industry (like Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins).

Yes, a lot of mistakes were made, crappy copy written, (and lots of reviews and revisions), but there were a few successes here and there. That made it all worthwhile.

Here are 4 quick copywriting tips that I have learned during these 7 figures launches: 

1. Focus 80% of your time on the headline. 

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